Thursday, May 24, 2012


I wrote about dogs who were having medical problems. Pooh was one of them. She is the beloved Peke of Dee. Pooh is 14 years old and has metastatic lung cancer. Her mom is doing all she can for her, but Pooh is also having kidney problems. A special kidney diet (K/D) may help some, so Dee will try that. Pooh doesn't know she is sick, but she doesn't enjoy her walks as much anymore. It's hard to breathe when she's too active.Her mom is checking into other options (medications), but for now, the most important thing is to love her and keep her comfortable. I hope everyone will say a prayer for Pooh and her mom. We'll keep you updated.


lady jicky said...

Moi Moi and Coco send their love Pooh !

Toni Davis said...

Prayers are coming for both of you! Be strong!

Karin said...

Aww, poor little Pooh! What a sweet girl she is! They're such little troopers and don't let on when they're not feeling well.
There is a website called where they offer natural herbal remedies, and I noticed they have one for cancer, but I haven't used it. I did have great results with their "Hearty Heart". Not a cure, but helps make them more comfortable. Keeping you & Pooh in prayer!