Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Look at this smile-- this is Lulu Bell. :-) She's at Jeanne's house and she likes to give double names. (Sassy Marie, Hannah Joe, Jill Lee..) A shelter asked us to take this little girl. They said she was having a rough time at the shelter, so we took her in. Lulu doesn't like the vet visits much, but the rest of the time, she is a sweetheart- loves to give kisses.Like the rest of the fosters, she is spending time in the playpen following her spay surgery. It's a big space, room for soft blankets and water/food and they can rest. Jeanne and I both use playpens for this, and we also gave some to Lucinda and Roger in Roanoke. Lulu is resting by the back door. After a few days, she was ready to go up and down the stairs to the yard on her own.The back desk has a chair that Lulu has adopted, so Jeanne put a blanket on it for her. Lulu already has a possible home-- she won't be at Jeanne's long!

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lady jicky said...

Miss Lulu is a "belle" !!!