Friday, November 7, 2014


 Lexie is back from visiting Desi's house.   I know all your dogs wish they could go to Desi's house!  (I think some adults want to go there, too-- right Peggy? :-) )
 They were barking at something together!   Lexie has the smallest bark.
 Tucker (just adopted) and Bear are with her here.     She did really well there.
 Roger took these pictures while she was there.   This is one of my favorites.
 I missed her while she was gone, but she went there for some surgery.   She did well and once she was recovered, we brought her back to me.   (She is curled up next to me as I write this.)
Roger and Lucinda loved her and took great care of her-- every dog should have the experience of being cared for by them! :-)  Lucinda (Dr. Hodges, Harris Animal Hospital in Roanoke) did more bloodwork on Lexie, did a bone marrow biopsy and removed her spleen.   The good news is that Lexie does not have cancer.   She does have hemolytic anemia (IMHA) and her bone marrow isn't working like it should, but she is stable right now.     Dr. Evans at Acredale Animal Hospital in Virginia Beach will continue her care again.   (We are blessed with such great vets!)
 Lexie came back here on Tuesday.  She hitched a ride with Tucker's new mom and dad!
 Starlight wasn't phased-- so many come and go that none of mine pay much attention.
I'm glad you're back, Lexie.   Click here: LexieNovember - YouTube

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lady jicky said...

I am happy to read that Lexie is back home with you Linda.