Sunday, November 9, 2014


Mulan was in a shelter and she needed help.  
We had no place to put her, but Liza and V volunteered to foster her.  They had adopted from us, so we knew they would be great.
Mulan first went to Lucinda and Roger for desperately needed medical care.    She was a tiny thing at just over 8 pounds.    Her teeth were horrible and after her dental, she only had 10 left.  
Mulan couldn't hear well, couldn't see well and couldn't walk well.   But, she was loving and sweet and now she was safe.
She had been in rescue a year, and her foster parents adored her.    And then an application came-- a couple who love those older special need's dogs.  
They had two bigger dogs who were pretty laid back-- can you tell?
Harley the Grehound is having a nice nap-- maybe he heard a new friend is coming.
Max, the Poodle must be doing the same.  
Mulan went to her new home and we are so happy for her.    There are many who love the seniors-- I think they are wonderful, and I know many of you do, too.
Thank you, Liza and V for helping her-- and to her new mom and dad for taking her to love forever!    I am so happy for Mulan!  


lady jicky said...

Oh you wonderful people!!!!

The Oldies are the Goodies :)

May you all have love and happiness with sweet Mulan!!

* I had to look really hard to see those big doggies there Linda! LOL

* I do love that ponytail on Mulan too :)

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

Yay for Lisa & V, taking care of Mulan until her perfect family came along!