Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I received more pictures (or found some on facebook) of more Halloween doggies.    Mollie was NOT thrilled to be dressed up!
Pudgie, Chompers and Schmoo were so cute-- Hey Schmoo!!   You sure have a great family!
My former foster, Abner-- just look at him.    He is such a great dog-- he is a therapy dog at the airport, he is a therapy dog at a nursing home, and now he is a Halloween greeter!   So many jobs!
Milo is ready to be formal!
Luca, Milo's brother, was a bat-- a cute one!
Mika was a hot dog-- she was NOT thrilled. LOL (She is the only girl in the family with Milo, Luca and Sir Jenkins, below.)
Sir Jenkins was adorable!    He's such a  good boy!
Lisa's boys, Dakota and Rocky with their Jester "necklaces" on.    Are you jingling?

Maddy is sitting in the middle of a ghost and pumpkins.  He's a happy boy!
Maggie was one of my fosters.   I have her brother, Max, who became my boy.   Isn't she adorable!
And last, Thursty!   His name is Thurston, but he's known as Thursty, a nick name that I just love!  He was a court jester this year.   He's adorable!!   Thank you for sharing your Halloween pictures!!

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lady jicky said...

Every one is super scary and yet...... real Cute !!! LOL