Friday, March 20, 2015


My grandbits were here last week-end.    Max and Lexie welcomed Lil Bit.  
My Kai Kai (red one) and the puppy joined in.   The puppy belongs to my daughter and she is all puppy.
Lexie enjoyed extra attention, while Max checked out what was going on in the family room.
Lexie seems to be doing better-- her tongue is pink and I love that.    (Dogs with IMHA lose their red blood cells, so a light or white tongue is not good.)
Yes, I'm talking about you, sweet girl.
And here is Gigi-- Lexie was bossing her all over the place.
Gigi is very attached to her sister, Pi.   Pi is over 12 now and is such a great girl.
The family were all here because of a baby shower for my soon to come granddaughter.   My daughter is due in April, but who knows when the baby will decide to come.
The shower was so much fun.
And then home, where the grandbits made forts and hiding places on the couch.
Starlight avoided it all, finding a soft bed in the kitchen corner.
Pi relaxed in the hallway.
Starlight decided to curl up on my lap.
She got really comfortable.   Hard to believe she is over ten now.
We were all exhausted by the busy week-end-- and Gigi curled up with Lil Bit...
And Chumley curled up with Bitty Bit.   We were all tired-- but we had so much fun!

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lady jicky said...

Linda - congrats for being another Grandma soon!

Looks like a great party at your house .... where is Desi??? LOL That girl like a party too!

Lexie looks great in the photos Linda !