Sunday, March 15, 2015


 Seminole hurt his back on Friday.  His foster mom came home and he couldn't move well.   He could only pull himself with his front paws.  He was obviously in pain.    She called me and I met her at the vet.    Seminole is such a sweetheart and he adores his brother, Hurricane.    They are always together and have been their entire lives.  
 Seminole had an xray-- he does have arthritis, which is normal for his age. He must have pulled or twisted somehow since he couldn't move his back legs.   He is about 12 years old.   He is on rest now-- with limited activity.  He also is getting medication to help him.  
Seminole is doing a little better today.    He was carried outside and even was able to go to the bathroom.    (All of you know how "big" this is when a dog has an injury.)  Now he can just rest with his brother-- nose to nose. :-)    You can see how attached they are.   I hope they are together a long time!  

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lady jicky said...

I know just how Seminole's owners feel ... my Coco had a very bad back last year .
It is so wonderful if they can go to the toilet .... coco was in pain but with rest and meds... thankfully she is good.
All our best to Seminole!!!