Wednesday, March 4, 2015


 Scooby is one of our foster dogs.    He's so young and loving-- I don't know why he hasn't been adopted yet.  He is ready to go!   He's neutered, he's had all his shots and he's had a dental.
 Most of our foster dogs need dentals-- Pekingese have crowded little mouths, so they may need them more than other breeds.  (That is not scientific data haha.)    Lady, above, has probably had at least one.
 I don't think I'll ask her cat brother, Hagrid, if he has had one.   Or even suggest it!
 My daughter's Peke mix, Pandy, is as old as Methusela.  Well, maybe not that old.   She is about 14-15 and she just had another dental.   Infected teeth can lead to heart issues and we don't want that.
 Amelia is wearing a pair of Hanes.  She jumped in the laundry basket to help her mom.  I know Amelia has had a dental.  (I love this picture!   Especially since I know what she has on her head!)
 They need good teeth so they can do things like this!  Nice, healthy teeth make for more fun!
 Chumley, did you do that?  
 How do you know if your dog needs a dental?   You look at their teeth.  All of their teeth.  The front ones may seem fine, but those back ones probably have tartar on them.    That's a sign they need a dental.    If they have bad breath-- ugh-- they probably need their teeth cleaned!    And last, check out their gums.   My Max had bad breath a few years ago, and I was looking at his teeth.   But, then I pulled his lip further up and WHOA, saw a swollen area.   He had broken one of his teeth at the root and it was not in good shape.   A dental and removing that tooth fixed that problem.   He is scheduled for another dental next month-- just to make sure we keep him in good health as he gets older.
Lexie had bad teeth when she came in-- and she had fistulas in the back of her mouth, which I couldn't see. But, her breath--oh!    Now, she has a fresh little mouth.   To read more on this, check out this article.    Dogs, like people, need their teeth taken care of.


lady jicky said...

My two need a dental !

Fiona Ross said...

Scooby is super cute! Time to do the adoption dance for him - love his happy face. : )