Friday, March 6, 2015


 We had a great day here on Wednesday-- it was 65 and the dogs loved it.   At the Farm, 3 hours away, it was foggy but no snow.  
 And this is yesterday!    The grandbits have only had a few days of school in about 3 weeks.   It's going to be a lot of make up days!
 New Jersey and New York were hit again, too.
 Northern Virginia was experiencing a lot of snow.   This has been the winter of the most snow storms in a long time!  
 Milo is trying to lick the snow off his nose.    With short Peke legs, it's tough out there!
 Oh, you cute thing-- are you ready for spring?
 I know his brother, Luca, is done with it-- he's so wet from being outside.
I think Mika is contemplating a get-away with her brother, Milo.   If you find a way to do that, take me along!

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lady jicky said...

We have had a rather cool summer and now its autumn and its cold!
I think we might have a cold and early winter ... I hope not!
The US has had a shocking winter... we see it on the TV.