Sunday, March 1, 2015


Seminole went to the vet for a check up on Saturday.    Remember he was in the vet for over a week, with a severe case of pancreatitis.
 Hurricane was there, too-- and I brought the blanket that Jackie made for him.    (Jackie is one of our foster moms and she has made blankets for many of our fosters-- we love them!)
Hurricane and Seminole are brothers who are rarely far apart.
Seminole has that Peke underbite to the extreme!
 While Seminole was being checked out, Hurricane was getting some foster mom love.
 These two senior brothers are very attached.   They sleep touching each other.
 They are both so cute--who could resist this face!
They kept checking on each other while we were there.
They are both about 12 now, so sweet, and adorable.    They love their foster mom and foster brother, Festus and sister, Bubbles.    Their foster mom loves the sweet seniors-- just like many of us do.  
For all those who have fostered for us-- thank you.    These little faces you see on my blogs have been the recipients of your devotion and love.     Little faces like Hurricane and Seminole-- their lives have been changed because people are willing to foster and help them find a new life.   And those who help with other ways of support, well, we couldn't do it without you.    THANK YOU!

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How is Seminole going ?