Friday, March 27, 2015


 Lexie has been wearing sweaters all winter.   She is ready to be done with them!
 The last few days have been warmer, so we are seeing how she does without one.  
 She doesn't care-- as long as she has her tennis ball.
 Yes, that ball is her favorite thing in the whole world.  
 Lexie had her red blood count checked at the internist.   It was 29 this week.   That is good.   He said we cannot change any of her meds yet, as she needs to be stable for a few months.  The last time we made an adjustment, her red blood count crashed to 16-- not good at all.   (normal is 40-60)  
She has also gone into a "I don't want to eat that anymore" stage.  Really?  You're going to be picky?   You want to be hand fed sometimes?  Okay, Okay.   I'll do it.    We are all pulling for Lexie to go into remission from the IMHA.   It does happen sometimes.   If you want to help with a donation to Team Lexie, just go to our web site and make a donation on Paypal or by sending a check.     Thank you to all who have supported her care.   She is such a sweet girl and deserves all we can do for her!    And to give you a smile, I made a video of her.    Click here: LexieMarch2015 - YouTube

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lady jicky said...

I am so happy to read that Lexies blood test was good!

What a beautiful girl you are .