Tuesday, March 24, 2015


 No matter how old you are, you are important!   Max is almost 12.
 Have a great attitude.   Starlight chooses when to have a great attitude haha.
 Explore everything-- Chumley is exploring our side tables.    He also managed to knock over a cup of chocolate milk, onto the couch, the floor.  But, it was fun!  (And the couch cover needed washing anyway-- he must have known that.)
 Loyalty is a virtue.   Kai Kai is my most loyal dog.    He follows me everywhere.  
 Protect those you love.   Lexie is the one I am protecting because of her health, but dogs protect their owners all the time.  
 Take time for naps.    Lexie found a box bed to rest in.
 Take time to play!    Beach Bit and Chumley are having so much fun.
 Watch an old movie or a new one-- just relax.   Max is my TV watching boy.    Oh, my, if there is a dog anything on, he just goes nuts.
 Take time to be with your friends.  Lexie and Chumley are resting together.   But, you can take a walk, go to the mall, or sit and chat over a cup of coffee or tea.  
 Be yourself.   Lexie loves her toys-- it's part of who she is.   The yellow tennis ball is her favorite, but I just bought her 9 new ones-- the tiny version.   All colors, even pink!  
 It is okay to be off by yourself.   When Pi visits, sometimes, all those Bits and Pekes mean going to the hallway to regroup.
 Take time to smell the flowers-- or watch the sky, or just sit outside.   It will re-energize you.
 Being outside gives you a chance to see what God has created-- and it is stunning.
 It's okay to curl up in a nice, soft place.   Sometimes, you just need to do that.
 When you see a friend, greet them with joy!
Dogs can be the best friends!!    I love this picture of Tucker with his mom.    Cuddling with your dog can bring so much peace and love.   It's a good day to do that!


lady jicky said...

Dogs are so clever ... they know what is important and what is not!

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

Very nice! :-)