Wednesday, May 20, 2015


 Are you ready for a lot of pictures of Abner?    Get ready!!
 Abner was my 6 month old puppy foster two years ago-- and he went through a lot of eye surgery.  
 I was so happy to see him!
 He is one of the happiest, most easy going dogs I've been around.
 He is just love.   Loves people, loves animals.  
 I think he fell for Harley Marie!
 I think he was saying "I'm not ready to leave yet!"
 He had his special outfit on-- you see, Abner is a therapy dog and he is wonderful.
 He goes to airports, assisted living homes, colleges..... anyplace they need him.    He brings joy and calmness to those waiting for planes, comforts those getting ready to take a college final, loves on those who need it.
 He was tired after the picnic.   I see your eyes are ready to go to sleep!
 Brody was tired, too.
 So was Lily!
 They did take time to have their photo taken at Desi's photo booth!
 They had a long drive home to New York and stopped for lunch on the way.  
 I am sure Abner received a lot of attention.
 Then, they went to a new dog park on the way home.Click here: (4) Beau's Dream Dog Park at Buchanan Park  It is in Lancaster, PA.
 Abner had a great time, but...
 They all crashed back at the hotel.
And then in the car, it was time to sleep.   Abner had a wonderful time at the picnic!  And I am so glad I got to see my sweet foster boy again!  Love you, Abner!!

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