Friday, May 8, 2015


 This is a Peke blog-- but today, I'm using it to honor my youngest.  
 She is married, mom of two, and she just finished her PhD.   She is a professor at a college in our area, a major Virginia University.
 While she worked on her PhD, she moved to a new home (across the street from us!) and decorated a nursery.
 She had Sugar Bit two weeks ago.
 Beach Bit is 4 1/2 and she found time to make sure he knew he was loved.
 Her husband was phenomenal in supporting her reaching this goal.
 She is mom to two rescue dogs-- Leo the lab mix and Pandy the Peke mix (adopted from us).
 She did research trips and helped people who were grieving.
 She decorated her son's bedroom.  Planes are everywhere of course.
 And now she is Dr. Waters-- or Professor Waters as her students call her.
I am so proud of her!!      I just had to share that with all of you!  (Pekes will be on the blog tomorrow.)

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lady jicky said...

Oh Wow!

Congrats to Prof. Waters ... Mmmm.... perhaps I should say -

Prof. Bit Waters!!!! :)