Sunday, May 24, 2015


This is not a great picture, but it's the only one I have.   This little senior girl is in a shelter near me and they need help.  She was found as a stray and her nails were curled under, and her eyes are so bad, they need to be removed.   She needs other medical help (hernia/spay, maybe a dental).   She is probably ten pounds, soaking wet.    We are going to get her on Tuesday and hope we can help her.   The shelter person caring for her said she is so sweet.    We need a name for her.   We will let the foster mom choose from the suggestions we get, so send them on-- either by comment or on facebook.  You can also email them to us at     I'm glad we can help this little one-- it seems she is due for a break and a lot of love.    Once we have her, we will see what name fits.   :-)


lady jicky said...

Oh I am so glad you are going to get her Linda!

Here is my name that popped into my head for this sweet one ...... Cupcake !

Toni Davis said...

Poor, poor baby! Charlotte is a great name (Charlotte's Web) and I never hear that name! She has a lot of trials ahead of her!

Unknown said...

HONEY... she is a beautiful Honey Color. And she is sweet like Honey.

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

Since its Memorial Day weekend, how about Liberty and call her Libby? :) Poor dear girl…I'm so glad we can help her!

Unknown said...

Friends of mine have a Corgi. She was born on the 4th of July. They named her Liberty and call her Libby for short. I love it!

Also, what about Charity? (Faith-Hope-Charity)

prudence said...

What happened to the honey colored baby peke that needed the TLC so desperately .... did she make it?