Friday, May 15, 2015


 Lexie came into rescue last June.  
 She was an extremely sick dog-- She was 9 pounds of bone, and her bloodwork showed she was seriously ill.  
 She was in the vet for several days, on IV fluids and they said she needed a transfusion.
 You can see how pale her tongue was in this picture.
 She stayed in the xpen a lot when she came back to my house.  She needed to rest.  She had surgery in the fall for spleen removal and a dental to fix openings (fistulas) in her mouth.    There was infection and her teeth were cleaned since there was a lot of "dirt" in her mouth.    I have to clean her teeth every day to  wipe off the stuff that collects there from food.   I've never had a Peke with so many mouth issues.   She is so good though, and lets me do it.
 By Christmas, she was doing better.   Her eyes were brighter.
 She came to a Peke meeting in the fall, dressed up and posing in front of a fireplace at Fiona's house.   She discovered one of Fiona's Pekes' tennis balls there (it came home with us and is still her favorite!).
 Lexie was unable to stay warm on her own during the cold months, so she wore sweaters in the house and an added coat outside.
 She snuggled up on a blanket that Jackie made for her.
 She wore a belly band to protect the incision she had.  It had healed, but because of her low healing pace, the belly band protected her abdomen.   There's her tennis ball from Fiona.
 We made a lot of vet visits and Lexie has been a trooper.
 Starlight tried to encourage her by resting with her.   Well, I like to THINK that Starlight was supporting her.  She really just wanted the open crate with all the snuggle beds and blankets.
 Lexie and Chumley were together-- and more tennis balls.
 Lexie did enjoy snuggling with my granddaughter, Bitty Bit!
 It was a cold winter, so Lexie had layers on.   And her tennis ball.
 She has ups and downs.   Lexie has IMHA-- hemolytic anemia.   It is a horrible disease that steals the body's ability to heal.  It eats the red blood cells, which are critical for oxygen to get to the body.   Many dogs die quickly from this disease.   Some last a few months and then lose the battle.  I had never heard of this disease before Lexie came.   I know  a lot about it now.    The little dogs that have this are called IMHA Warriors because they have to fight to live.
 Lexie kept fighting to survive.   She and Chumley were begging from my husband.
 We don't give dogs people food in our house.   (Too many dogs and it's not really good for them.)
But, Matt let Lexie get away with it. :-)   She is our special one here.   Yes, we do pamper her a bit.
 She hangs out with the other dogs here.
 She can have a "shocked" look in pictures.  I don't know why she always gets a wide-eyed look when the camera comes out.
 She likes to hang out under my desk when I'm working there-- of course, there is a tennis ball.
 She received a present to encourage her to keep on fighting!  
 A dear friend, Elizabeth, painted her picture.    I tried it in several locations in my house-- but it now sits on my desk where I can see if every day.   I love it!
 Lexie's disease means she has a lot of ups and downs.   We are weaning her off some of her medications.    She doesn't have the energy level of a lot of dogs, but she does fine.
 She is so sweet and loving.   When we go out in the yard, I hover over her to protect her.   She is 11 pounds now, but small enough to be hawk or owl bait.   It's nesting season and we have to protect her.
 She is beautiful inside and out.   I love her tri-colored hair.
 She does not have to wear her sweaters now that it is warmer.
 You can see how small she is next to Chumley.
When Lexie came into rescue, we did not think she would be around for her sixth birthday.  But, she is!!   Eleven months after coming into rescue, eleven months after the fight began to save her, she is still with us.   She is happy, eating well, taking her  medications, playing with her ball.    She may have another drop, we don't know what her life expectancy will be-- but for now, she is fine.   And another year older!!    Happy Birthday, Lexie.  We hope you have a lot more birthdays. :-)


Starr said...

Happy birthday, Lexie. good job Linda, good job Lexie.

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

She's even more darling in person. :) Love & good health to Lexie….