Monday, May 4, 2015


 Anyone who has known me for any time at all, knows Starlight.
 Starlight is definitely one of a kind.  
 She can have a peke-a-tude-- quite often actually.  She trusts and loves us completely, but not strangers.
 She doesn't mind the other dogs-- they're allowed to live in her palace.  
 She doesn't need to interact with them though.
 Starlight can be "ugly" to people who come over.   We tell them that they can talk to her, but not touch her.   She may ACT friendly, but she just might not BE friendly haha.    So, I think she has to ask for forgiveness a lot. :-)
My son in law is holding her here.  It took him seven years to win her over-- and he was here a lot!  But, now she loves him.  And she wants to be held.  And she wants her tummy rubbed.   So, he figured he might as well "teach her to pray."   Well, that's what we call it-- she really just wants him to continue rubbing her tummy haha.   Check out the video:    Click here: StarlightPraying - YouTube

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lady jicky said...

Oh that Starlight is such a beautiful girl!

I loved the video too!