Tuesday, May 19, 2015


 Lulu Bea came into rescue last year -- her owner lost his home and job and could not keep her.
 Lulu loved her previous dad-- she really likes men.   She had previously belonged to his daughter, who had bred her five times.   Poor girl!
 She loved to snuggle with her foster daddy.  I wanted her to have a home with a man as that seemed the best fit for her.
 She was a good sport about being dressed up for Christmas!
 I have a  friend who is a great Peke owner.   He came to the picnic to meet Lulu.  
 He fell in love right away.  
 And this will be the perfect home for Lulu because there are three men in the house-- she will never lack for attention!!   Someone is home all the time.
Sometimes, we wait a long time for a great home for our fosters-- but it is worth it!  
 Lulu arrived at her new home and met her new brother, Tigger, and her sister, Leila (the black one).
 We are so happy that Lulu has her forever home!
P.S.   At the hotel after the picnic, Lulu was by the lake taking a walk.  She saw fish in the lake and decided to go fishing!!   I'm sending her new dad a life preserver haha.

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