Monday, May 11, 2015


Melinda's Pekes in Australia are getting ready for autumn to arrive.   We are getting warmer, but they are getting cooler.  
Their summer cuts will grow out.
Leaves will begin to fall.
They can spend more time outside.
The flowers will begin to change as it gets colder.
All the trimming will stop -- Steve took a fall right after this.   BUMMER!   He's fine now!
It's time to enjoy sitting outside since it is not so hot.
Melinda can just enjoy the fresh air now that it is cooler.
And the dogs can find sticks.
And play.
I love these two girls-- MoiMoi and CoCo.   I have never met them in person, but I feel I know this so well!!  They are part of my Peke family-- and their mom is a good friend.   Happy Autumn in Australia!

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lady jicky said...

Winter has arrived and the girls do not move from their beds in the kitchen! LOL