Sunday, May 31, 2009

April is Home

I posted April several days ago. She was found near a Home Depot in Virginia Beach. There were ads posted to try to find her owner. All agencies (animal control, etc) were notified. No one claimed her. So her finder asked if I would take her.
Of course, I said we would! We talked on the phone and were setting up a meeting so I could get her. I thought this would be an easy adoption. I had no idea HOW easy. After talking with her finder, I realized, "this lady really loves her!" She asked if she had to give her to me-- of course not! She said April had become best friends with her Yorkie. She said she had fallen in love with her.
And if you look at this sweet face, how could you NOT fall in love. So, April IS adopted-- by her finder. And both love each other so much. What a happy ending!


lady jicky said...

How lovely! It just goes to show, in life, we never know what is just around the corner. It could be a dropped $20 bill or it could be the worlds prettiest Peke!!!
I would pick up the Peke --- well, first the peke and then the $$ ! LOL
Wish them both the best from me Linda!

Karin said...

April is beautiful! What a precious face!