Monday, May 18, 2009

Lavender Oil

I read in the paper that lavender oil might help dogs who are "testy." If you try this, let me know the results. Dr. Michael Fox, a veterinarian, wrote this: " may want to try putting a drop or two of lavender on a bandanna around his neck... This essential oil can have a dramatic calming effect on dogs."


Anonymous said...

I read once lavender was an irritant so I think it shouldn't be used on dogs with sensitive skin.

Linda said...

I wonder if it's okay if you put it on the scarf-- where it doesn't touch their skin. :-) But, don't do it if you're not there, friends-- you have to monitor new things.

lady jicky said...

Mmmm, if I get some laavender oil I will give this a go on two scarves - One for Kenzo and one for me! LOL