Saturday, May 23, 2009

Shadow Muffin/Therapy Dog

It's Shadow again!! You know, the happy Lake Dog. :-)
Here he is with Meng and Nico in the back.
Look at this happy face.
And this sweet face!
And this wet face-- looks like somebody went to the lake-- or a dip in the water bowl!
And then there's the sleepy face. BIG YAWN.
Shadow is just a wonderful boy. And he now has a job! He goes to the nursing home to help the older people there. To give them a smile, to give them some joy.
And look at the face of one of the people he visits. She is very happy to have him there. Shadow looks like he isn't too sure about it-- but he really does enjoy it!! Another working Pekingese with a wonderful job. Way to go, Shadow!!


lady jicky said...

That Shadow is one busy Peke!!

Life of books, movies, travel and dogs said...

That was actually Shadow's first vist to the nursing home. The woman he is with in the image is now his favorite person to visit :)