Sunday, May 17, 2009


This is Sophie. She was rescued from a NC back yard breeder. She was terrified and snappy at first. Her mouth hurt and she needed medical care.
Potomac Valley Pekingese Club was able to help Sophie. She needed full vetting-- shots, spay, dental, teeth pulled. Her new mom said, "She has changed so much from being shy and not eating to the exact opposite. She is always ready to eat, even though she has only 2 teeth. She stays right by my side and only goes outside to potty and then she is ready to come back in when I do. She no longer likes a crate. She sleeps in my room on pet bed by my bed. She is nothing like the dog I first got. Her personality is very loving but proud like a Peke. I use eye drops for dry eye everyday and her eyes have improved. When I got her she would hardly eat and now she comes over and her tongue hangs out all the time (because of no teeth) and looks at me and I know she wants a treat. It will make you smile everytime. She is very funny old girl that I think will have a long time to go. I'm sure if I hadn't got to her soon and you vetted her, she would have not made it much longer. She has years of joy to give. "
I'm so glad our group was able to help Sophie. Now she can live a full life of love in her new home. Thanks to all of you who have made her care possible!!


Anonymous said...

What a pretty little lady!

lady jicky said...

Big kisses to Sophie. May she live a long and happy life now.
I can believe that she has become a different dog after care, food and love.