Friday, May 8, 2009


Daisy came into rescue last week and has already been adopted! We didn't even get to put her on our web site. Here is Daisy Dukes with Bill, her foster dad. Jean and Bill live in Richmond and they have such a heart for these little ones.
Daisy was turned into rescue by her owner-- she just didn't want her anymore. Daisy was having accidents, and she needed a home where someone was around more. The owner didn't even bring any toys or something familiar when she was turned in. But, Jean and Bill has PLENTY of toys-- and love!
Daisy fit right into the pack, playing and tumbling with the rest of the dogs there.
I had a call from a shelter-- someone was looking for a Peke and they wanted to know if it was okay to give them my phone number. YES, of course!
The couple called me-- their Peke had just died and there was a big hole in their hearts. They wanted to adopt a Peke. I talked to them a lot, and they came over to meet the Pekes I have at my house. (This is very unusual for me to let people come to my home to see Pekes-- but I just knew it was okay with this family.)
They had a blast seeing all the ones I have here-- Maggie, Max, Chance and Starlight. Of course, Starlight put on her Baby Cujo act (those who have seen this know exactly what I'm talking about!). My Pekes Scooterbug and Cranberry were great, getting all the belly rubs and giving kisses. I showed them pictures of the others we had in rescue. I thought Daisy would be a good fit, too.
I did their home and vet check (required to adopt one of our Pekes) and approved them with joy. They were so excited that they drove to Richmond THAT DAY to pick up Daisy. She slept between them that night and has now begun a new life that will be filled with love and joy. Jean and Bill, thank you for all you did to immediately drop everything to rescue this girl. She has a new life because of you.


Anonymous said...

TOTAL CUTENESS! I can see why Daisy was adopted so quick :)

Karin said...

Your stories are so heart-warming! I look forward to reading about the happy endings you help bring about. I admire your total dedication!
Happy Mother's Day weekend!


lady jicky said...

Fabbo Linda!
I cannot understand people like her last owner but ..... thank god she turned Daisy in . Now she has a loving home.

* Will take some photos of Kenzo soon. Its Mothers Day tomorrow and I shall be busy at my daughters