Sunday, May 24, 2009

April, Safe Now

April was found near a Home Depot by a kind woman. She looked for her owners and no one claimed her, so April is coming into rescue for us to find a home for her. (She named her April since that's the month she was found.)
April is beautiful, as you can see! She is a sweet girl and we'll have more information on her soon. If you're interested in adopting April (or Max, Maggie, or Chance or any of our other rescue dogs), please email me at


lady jicky said...

April is so pretty. I can see a papillion in her . Is she a full peke?
What a kind lady to rescue her and give April a chance at a new home!

Anna said...

April is a beautiful girl and I pray that she finds a loving forever family soon! She will bring much joy and love to a lucky family!