Friday, April 30, 2010


I want to extend my deepest sympathy to my friend, Linda, whose Shih Tzu Chloe died on April 27 at almost 17 years old. Chloe was deeply loved and cared for by Linda. We're so sorry about her loss. REST IN PEACE, SWEET CHLOE. July 14, 1993 - April 27, 2010
You know, from reading my blog, that I think Pekes need jobs. They come in all sorts-- from helping you do yardwork, helping you with laundry, helping to clean the house.
Well, Caleb has a job-- he helps with the dishes. He really does-- he and Scooter were checking to make sure I had loaded the dishwasher correctly.
Scooter directed him to check areas that he was too big to get into. Caleb is under ten pounds and small, so he got right up there on the lid to do what Scooter told him to do. Caleb doesn't have a mean bone in his body and is just a cuddle of fur. SO CUTE!!
Yes, Scooter, you are doing a great job, too!! You are my Big Boy!!!
Check out the brushes, Caleb.
Are you done? Did you check everything?
I guess so. Scooter is making sure, but I think Caleb is just laying down on the job-- I know, I know, you could see that coming!
Who could resist this face!! I just have to grab him a few hundred times a day to kiss him!


lady jicky said...

Linda - did my post on Gracie Lu get through? She is the most delightful peke babysitter!

Now to Caleb = I think she learnt to pack a dishwasher from not paying for all those restaurant meals Moi Moi and Caleb go to! They will NOT take their purse's those two! LOL

I send my love to your friend Linda . Her doggie will be missed terribly!

cby said...

Only 100 times a day, Linda? How can you contain yourself with such adorable assistance? Look back at Caleb's first photos when he came into the rescue program this winter. Look what excellent care, good nutrition, a Peke pack and lots of love has made him into~ his real darling self. Way to go, Linda!!!!

My condolences to Chloe's family. Seventeen is a beautiful age, but I know it's no where near long enough. I hope each day becomes a little less painful, and the smiles thinking of her are soon to take over.

Jeanne said...

What a great little helper. He is so cute. I love those eyes of his. Can't wait to see him again at the picnic.

Karin said...

Wow ~ you don't hear about too many dogs living to be 17. My heart goes out to her dear family.

The part about taking a break to go hug the pekes and tell them how cute they are reminded me of when my poms were younger and I didn't work full-time. I used to do the same thing ~ Hugging and petting them even when they were asleep and saying "You're soo cute!"
It's like an instant attitude or gratitude adjustment or something.

Monica said...

Good job Caleb!! You are the cutest!! I hope to see you tomorrow at Peke Fun Day.

Linda said...

Caleb will be at the picnic!!