Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yoshi and Shami

For fun, watch this video:
Click here: Orangutan and the Hound
Yoshi and Shami's parents love to go to League of Maryland Horsemen campground. There are trails where they (the parents, not the dogs) can ride their horses. Yoshi and Shami love to hang out in their home there on their futon.

They also have play time outside-- and they do play

Exercise pens (xpens) are also GREAT so they can be outside, but safe. I use these and will be bringing some to the picnic May 1-- are you all coming?? I sure hope so. Be sure to RSVP-- email me if you need more information. Or email Robin rockinrobinemt@aol.com , since she's officially taking responses. We have so much fun there.

They like to play with sticks, too. What is it about sticks that intrigues a Pekingese? Here Starlight and Caleb love them-- and bringing pieces into the house is even better.

I think Yoshi is checking out Shami's stick-- there are plenty to go around-- really! Tomorrow's blog is going to show their mom's Peke collection-- GET READY!

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lady jicky said...

They are both so cute!