Saturday, April 10, 2010


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MoiMoi, above, is sitting on a couch, where she's not allowed to be. :-)Kenzo, in Australia, is usually easy to find. He in the yard, or getting into something. Is that a ball I see? Can you see the hole he's beginning to dig?

His mom, Melinda, is a painter, and I've showed you her pictures before. She sent me another one. It's of a Pug-- a beautiful painting! It hangs over the bed. I love the colors in it!

Kenzo sister, MoiMoi, is NOT always where you think she'll be. She thinks where she is allowed to sit is BORING. That means places that are on the floor. MoiMoi said there are tons of rules there. Sure there are.

This is in the bedroom and that's where the bed is-- where MoiMoi and Kenzo are not allowed to sit.

She's not allowed to sit here either. I asked MoiMoi how she gets up there. She said, "I take a flying leap." You go, MoiMoi.

And this is the bed that she's not allowed on. I think she looks very nice up there-- I think she should be allowed up there. And sleep up there.

Melinda, I think MoiMoi is breaking the rules-- and getting away with it. Like most Pekes do. :-)


RescuegirlinVA said...

Lilly's forever home didn't work out. I'm actually relieved as I don't think they knew what they were getting into. So, she will come back here and get well now. I will know when she has found her forever home. Guess this one wasn't it. So all those tears were for nothing...hahah

lady jicky said...

You turn your back for one minute and look what happens - that girl is on the furniture again!

*Sorry to hear about Lilly but... I am sure its for the best!

Karin said...

I think Moi Moi is taking the pillows with dog pictures on them and the stuffed peke on the chair as clues of where she IS allowed to sit. If they're allowed on the furniture, she thinks she should be too. I'm no help making excuses for her, am I?
Lovely paintings!

lady jicky said...

You Know Karin - you are right!! I do think she see's the dogs on the cushions and thinks "why not me ?"

I have not noticed this!

CrisL09 said...

the furniture, beds, chairs- it's all the same to them....didnt you know that pekes dont have rules...unless its the ones they give to their humans! lol