Sunday, April 11, 2010


Can you guess where I am-- if you know, just let others guess. :-) I'm on a trip and my dogs are safe at home with my trusted pet/home sitter. She knows them all well and the foster dogs are also getting to know how wonderful she is.
Send in your guess!
Remember, I took out the Pekingese Pathway-- I wanted bigger pavers. It was a lot of work. Those little pavers weigh a lot after you picked up a few dozen of them.
It weighs more when you use bigger ones! But, I did it. Is it straight-- well, kind of. Is it level? Well, not really. But, is it used?? YOU BET.
It's used to head into the bushes to see if Chloe is out next door.
And then to head back into the house-- here's Lacy, who spent the week-end with us.
She's oblivious to having her picture taken. It's really funny how they all want to use a path.
I think she went to get Scooter, because he's following her now.
Where are they going? Maybe Chloe IS at the fence and Lacy is going to talk to her.
Wait, is something on the other side? They're stopped! Maybe they're telling the others that the Pekingese Pathway is open for use. And it will be used!


lady jicky said...

What I am wondering about is this - is the Peke Path oneway???? LOL

Mmmm - where are you going???
I have had a think and I am going to guess - I think you are off with your invite to Liz Taylor's Wedding!
Am I right???? :)

Jeanne said...


If you are at Liz Taylor's wedding please get some photos to share with all of us. :)

Linda said...

Oh, Liz Taylor getting married again--- don't get me started!