Thursday, April 1, 2010


ESSIE IS HOME! You all prayed for her when she was in ICU for almost 2 weeks. She came home and is doing great-- surrounded by her animal pack and loving it! And they love having her home.
Sugar Bun heard it was getting warm, so he went out to find Spring.
Meggie-- aka Nutmeg who she adopted-- stays with Essie when she has to have her medicine. And Meggie's daddy is teaching her to dance with him. I've got to get a video of that!
Here is Meggie Mei looking adorable-- and outside. It's warming up so it's nice out. (I know, Melinda, Australia is now going into fall! So, as it gets cold there, you can enjoy our warm pictures here.)
Meggie and Missie are outside-- they love it! They're great friends.
Meggie, Missie, and Charlie are now out there-- I think Charlie realized how nice it was. So, he's now out exploring.
GizMoe Li has joined them. He has his pacifier and his ball. He is gorgeous!
Here's Deanie Edward and Bit and Bonnie hanging out inside-- I don't think they've gotten the message that they need to go out and see the sunshine.
Dat and Cubbie are chilling out together-- they don't know it's warm either.
But, Deanie Edward knows it's warm and she is doing her best to be cute-- and she is! She has figured out how to get in the chair and sunbathe.
Cubbie Woo is following her pattern. I think I'll join him-- sunshine sounds great!


lady jicky said...

So Glad to hear about Essie!!!

Oooo, there is alot of sunning buns going on over there and talking of "buns" - Happy Easter to you all from Melinda, Kenzo and little Moi!!!

Karin said...

The sunshine is GREAT! It feels like June here in Michigan. It's going to be a rude awakening on Monday when Spring Break is over.