Friday, April 2, 2010


I picked Diamond DiDi up from the shelter over a year ago-- in January 2009. She was turned in because "my granddaughter is afraid of her because she has one eye." Oh, please. (We hear a lot of excuses.)
Look at this little thing-- thin, her tail not filled out, not healthy.
But, we can fix that! Good food, good vet care and lots of love.
Jeanne took her in as her foster-- and it was love at first sight. DiDi was so excited that she just laughed!! She loves having Jeanne as her mom. Look at how her hair has come in.
DiDi loves posing for pictures-- she's quite a ham for the camera.
And she lets Jeanne dress her up--
She turned into a beautiful Peke.
Yes, DiDi, you're beautiful! And your mom thinks I was nuts not to keep you myself. I agree with the "nuts" part-- but my Cranberry just didn't put a vote in for another female to stay here.
Let's face it-- you're much better off at Jeanne's and I think you agree. ;-)


lady jicky said...

Oh my gosh that DiDi is one happy Peke! Why not we say - she is in a Much Better place now!!!
I wish this for all dogs but sadly this doesn't happen.
Didi is lovely :)

Beth said...

The before and after stories are my favorites. DiDi is a beautiful example. Her face makes me want to give her a hug!

claudine hellmuth said...

didi is BEAUTIFUL!!!! yay Didi!

Mary Elizabeth said...

Gracie had a stoma (from her tracheostomy) and my 2.5 year old niece still sweetly petted her when she would come over. I about laughed my hind end off when I had said to her that Gracie had a boo-boo, and my niece told her mom that "Gracie has an injury."