Sunday, April 4, 2010


Two more additions to the blog that I got. Anna and Suzy Q in New York want to wish everyone a Happy Easter.
And Tom and Anna have sported their bunny ears, too!
Missy, Amelia, Wylie, and Lilly got for walks each day. I love this picture.
Missy and Amelia's foster parents sent me these pictures. They are so cute!!
This is Wylie, who they adopted from us. He doesn't seem to be thrilled to have bunny ears on-- but he's a good sport about it.
This is Missy-- remember when she had pink ears when we got her into rescue. The pink is now gone-- and I think the purple is very becoming on her.
This is Lilly, who they also adopted form us. Pink is her color! She's also wondering what in the world is on her head. But, it's cute!
This is sweet Amelia- she loves everyone! She is happiness in a Pekingese body. She is a very white Peke-- beautiful. But, the prettiest part of her is her sweet personality.
I'm amazed they got them all to pose! Amelia, Wylie, Lilly, and Missy. They all want to say HAPPY EASTER!
And now they're done! :-)


lady jicky said...

Aren't they just the cutest Peke's in the world!!
Easter Peke's!!!

Jeanne said...

I love, love ,love these photos. What a great pack of Pekingese. They sure are happy in their home and foster home. It made me smile.....

Karin said...

I love the colorful flowers and of course the bunny ears too! I just saw a greeting card with dogs wearing bunny ears that says, "Is there any holiday where we don't embarrass the pets?"
The pekes sure were good sports about it:)
Happy Easter!

Linda said...

Come to think of it, you're right. We dress them up on all the holidays! :-)

RescuegirlinVA said...

Oh gosh these photos are cute. The one with all of them in the bunny ears is beyond precious. LOVE IT!