Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring at Jeanne's/Farewell Casey and Sissy

I want to extend my sympathy to two owners whose dogs died this week. **Paige and Danni's Casey died after a long battle. Casey was about 13 years old and had a wonderful life with them. These two pictures show how beautiful he was. Casey was the one who woke up his owners and kept order in the house. He was a great dog and will be missed deeply.
**Margaret's Sissy died also this week. She had done everything for over a year to help Sissy, but Sissy died in her arms on Tuesday evening.

REST IN PEACE CASEY AND SISSY. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Jeanne sent me this picture of the fruit bouquet she received as a thank you. I just wish I was closer! I would help her eat it. :-) It looks so good!

Jeanne, one of our Richmond foster moms, has a BEAUTIFUL garden. She is a master gardener and I look to her for advice on how to improve my yard. She is doing a garden tour to help raise money for our club. I'm going! Hope you can, too. I'll be posting the date as soon as we know when it's going to be.

Here is the fake Herring beside her Snowball shrub. He can't eat the fish in the little pond there.

This is a Yellow Peony-- beautiful. I can't wait to see all these in person at the Garden Tour she is having to raise money for our rescue group.

This is her newest foster dog-- doesn't eat anything, doesn't poop in the house, doesn't have fights with other dogs. I want that foster dog!

And here's a close up of the Snowball.

This is a Purple Tree peony in bloom. The color is stunning and all Jeanne has to do is walk outside to see it.

Amy Lou (foster dog) loves to be out there with her. I'm sure she helps her!

She can even lay down on the job and still be helping.

This beautiful angel is in her yard, too. I love it-- it's like she is watching over the garden for Jeanne.

This is the Otto luyken in bloom. I'm not familiar with many of the things Jeanne has in her yard-- but I'm learning. It's beautiful.

And this is the only resident cat that lives there. :-) Look at his face-- I think he's peeking out at all the dogs and wonder if HE should even be there!

Duchess (foster dog) is helping, too. She's laying in one of the planters.

Pretty soon there will be impatiens there, but for now, she's allowed to hang out. Jeanne told me she's going to get a little planter fence-- Duchess will just think the flowers make it softer.

Duchess is a great little helper-- but sometimes, you just have to take a break!


lady jicky said...

I know just what Duchess is feeling and thinking - "This pillow is like a rock!"

I have a couple like that too Duchess! LOL

I wish Jeanne and her wonderful garden lots and lots of visitors for her Open Garden !! I wish lots of $$ for the peke rescue too! :)

cby said...

Jeanne's peonies are gorgeous. i think you should name the next female Peke that comes into rescue, Peony..... Duchess does not look like a peony, she looks like a Duchess!

Linda said...

Great idea! We could use flower names :-).