Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gracie Lu Babysits

Remember Gracie-- she was in the blog with Bodie last year. Gracie is like a Mama dog and she will let Bodie know how to act when he's with her. Gracie sent me an email I'd like to share with all of you.
Hi Linda,
It's me again Gracie Lu. Guess what I did today??? I puppy sat for Bodie, that the little Maltipoo whose Grandmom lives down the street.
She had lots of folks at her house and I really needed to go and see what was going on but Mom said a great big NO.. In a while Bodie's Grandmom called and wanted to know if I would puppy sit him while her company was there. Of course I said okay.
He is really little and so young, too, and I'm a big girl. I let him eat my cookies and my treat and I went to walk with him in the yard.
Then I got tired and so he sat in Mom's lap while I guarded the door. Wasn't that nice of me?
Oh yes, Mom made pictures-- Aren't they cute!? After the pictures were done, we each went to separate rooms. Babysitting is hard work and I needed time alone!
Love, Gracie"

(from Gracie's mom: My friend Peggy had asked some friends to her house and thought it might be best for Bodie to visit Gracie. They did fine by ignoring each other. But Gracie really wanted to go down there even when Peggy's daughter came to get Bodie. My Gracie is not the least bit nosy!!)


cby said...

Dear Gracie Lu,

You're adorable!!

Karin said...

What a great job you did puppy-sitting, Gracie Lu!

lady jicky said...

Gracie Lu is one very pretty peke and she is pretty inside and out for she did a great job babysitting!
A sweet soul.

Hi ya Janey!