Friday, April 26, 2013


 Abner goes to his new home tomorrow!   He's been with me since Valentine's Day.    He's had two eye surgeries, lots of drops, house training and food adjustments-- and he is ready to go.    (He does use a piddle pad, and is such a good boy-- I have no carpets downstairs, just easier to clean with my pack.)
 This is a great toy-- it has an empty water bottle in it and it makes lots of noise.  (Kay and Claretta gave it to my crew.)   He loves tennis balls, and anything else to play with.   He's all puppy!
 I kept telling him he was getting a new mom and dad.
 Well, where are they?
 While he waits, I gave him a carrot-- first "people food" ever.   He loved it.
He loves plastic containers, too.  He would rather nibble on my fingers, but we're trying to change his preferences.     He's such a cute one-- I know his new mom and dad will love him!   Click here: AbnerplayingApril - YouTube


lady jicky said...

Kisses to Abner and his new family!!!
My girls think he is "super cute!"

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

Abner is quite a clown and all puppy! We buy expensive toys, when actually our pets can find the simplest things to play with. His new mom and dad are lucky to get this handsome boy!