Wednesday, April 24, 2013


 Look at this beautiful girl.    She came from a busted puppy mill.    (If her bottom teeth look funny, it's because she has a "cast" on them, after a four hour surgery on her mouth.    Her mouth was the worse Dr. Hodges has seen in 20 years of being a vet.   Lily had fractures and bone loss from extensive infection.  Dr. Hodges sent me pictures of her surgery and they are not for the faint of heart.  I found it amazing -- Dr. Hodges in incredible!)
 Lily Kay was picked up by Kay and Claretta and taken right to Dr. Hodges in Roanoke.  She rode in the back seat and was very curious what was going on.   The puppy mill she came from  had cages stacked five high on each other. (You can imagine what the dog in the bottom cage went through.)  Most of the cages were outside, and the dogs were in horrible shape with no socialization.    They had dirty food and water, all needed dentals and many had eye issues.    There were 40-47 dogs seized there-- Sir Jenkins was another one who came from there.   He came into rescue before Lily because she had a puppy and so stayed with the shelter (a very nice one) until her puppy was weaned and adopted.  
 She was spayed and had a dental, and Dr. Hodges saw she needed more mouth work.   This was done the following day, and a feeding tube was put in since they didn't think she'd be able to eat with the "cast" in her mouth.
 Her jaw was wired, and a lot of work done.   The red band on her throat is covering a feeding tube that goes down her throat.   But, she has fooled everyone and ate a very soft mixture of food on her own!!    She may get the feeding tube out in a few days.    
 Being in rescue gives us the awesome opportunity to help dogs like Lily-- and we are the ones who are so lucky!     What a miracle to see these little lives turn around in so many ways.
Look at that smile-- she was worth saving.   She will stay with Dr. Hodges for 6-8 weeks for healing and very specialized care.    She will learn she is loved and worth everything that is done for her-- she will learn that life can be good and that she will be cared for and she will have her own home soon we hope -- we will make sure it is a wonderful one!    We will post more updates on these special little girl.  Thank you Roger and Lucinda (Dr. Hodges) for all you are doing for her (and all the ones before her!).

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lady jicky said...

While reading this I went "OMG" and then "OMG" .
What a wonderful Vet you have and what wonderful people you ALL are to rescue this dear one !
I tell you Linda - there is a special place in Hell for those Puppy Farm people !!!!