Friday, April 5, 2013


Maddy's dad  makes posters of Maddy and sends them to me.  I love his sweet face!  

Remember how he was finding tennis balls on his walks and bringing them home?  Well, the mystery was solved!!    Here's what his dad wrote me:  
Today I was working out in the yard, putting weed block in the flower bed. And I looked up and saw a large standard poodle walking by with their owner, after they passed me I looked up again and saw a tennis ball in our yard! It was not there a few minutes before so I asked "Hey is that your ball" The guy said "Yes, I did not know he carried it out, he does that sometimes and leaves them on the walk only to pick them up a day or two later", I then said, "No, my dog picks them up for you, we always wondered where and why he kept finding these balls and now we know at least how they got there."
Maddy would have gone crazy if he had seen a tennis ball in HIS yard!  I'm sure he hopes the poodle drops more for him!!   

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lady jicky said...

Now this story has turned into a Pekingese Agatha Christie Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot detective mystery!
Oooo - but its now solved! :)Woof!