Thursday, April 11, 2013


 Look at this sweet boy.   He came to us from a Maryland shelter.   His owners turned him in, after 8 years of total neglect.    In spite of that, he is super sweet and housetrained.     He was overdue for his rabies, never given any other medical care or vaccines, even though the vet had recommended it.
 He has fleas and the hair on his tail was completely gone.    Poor guy-- we hope it all grows back!     I'm sure it will.
He is 8  years old, 14 pounds, gets along with other dogs, little short legs and absolutely adorable.     He will have a dental and nasal fold surgery this week, and then will be ready to go.    If you want more information on him, just email us at    


lady jicky said...

Oh he is so sweet and I do hope that tail fills in but .... he is still a cutie all the same !!!

Jeanne said...

Oliver is one sweet Peke !!!! He only weighs 12 pounds !!!! He is short and stumpy !!!!