Tuesday, April 30, 2013

NEW PEKE-- No name yet!

 Little Prince is out of the shelter.    Monica picked him up and will take care of him while he gets healthy.   He is checking out his Peke friends there.    He was in such bad shape that we have to wait to neuter him-- he's just so thin at under 9 pounds.    He has a nasty puncture wound, but is on antibiotics.   He has also sores on his back legs, so we have no idea what this little guy went through.  
 In spite of all he went through, he is still very sweet.and just wants to be taken care of.
In the shelter, you could see that smile that showed he had hope-- and we hope he does just great!    You know we'll do all we can for him!  His foster mom will come up with a name for him-- but if you have suggestions, send them on!


Ginkgo's Daddy said...

Poor baby! Glad you are out of the shelter and getting the medical treatment you need, and also food! You are in excellent hands and will get the PVPR "special treatment."

lady jicky said...

I hope he is doing better now on meds and a loving home is just around the corner!