Monday, April 8, 2013


Jill Lee belongs to Jeanne and she is having bladder stone surgery today.    Bladder infections are not uncommon in the Pekingese breed.   
 Sometimes, we don't even realize our Peke has an infection until they begin to have accidents in the house.   You might think "bad dog" but they can't help it.    Cranberry, my Peke, has had a lot of bladder infections and is now on a special diet to keep her healthy.  She never had stones.
 My Scooterbug had bladder stones.  I was shocked-- as I'm sure Jeanne is.    I had no idea!   He had surgery to remove them, went on antibiotics and a special diet.   Bladder stones are usually struvites, formed in an alkaline urine and stones can from from the crystals.   Bladder stones can also be  uric -- this is less common and occurs in an acid urine.   My dogs (foster and my own) have had struvite crystals and calcium oxalate crystals in their urine and I have put them on the Royal Canin S.O. diet.   There are other diets such as Hill's s/d, that are good also.    (You just have to talk to your vet to see what is best for your dog.)
Shadow was one of my foster dogs.    He was adopted in 2004, and is a great dog.   I still stay in touch with his owner and love that.   Shadow was one of the sickest dogs I've ever fostered.   He was urinating stones and blood as I waited to see the vet.    He had surgery and went on antibiotics and special food.   He had a lot of health issues, but he did get healthy and has lived a long and healthy life.   I hope to see him at the picnic!
Scooter is a healthy boy and has been on the Royal Canin S.O. diet for along time and does great.   (Max next to him, is on a sensitive stomach diet, so we have a lot of foods here!)    Here is an article on bladder stones.    Click here: Bladder and Urethral Stones in Dogs: From Various Types to Treatment and Removal  We hope Jill does great today!

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lady jicky said...

We hope little Jill does well today too!

My Coco is on the special gastro Royal Canin product - keeps her healthy and happy - me too!