Tuesday, April 2, 2013


 Little Foxy is having eye surgery today-- one of her eyes ruptured and she has to have it removed.   Foxy is older and she needs our prayers for safety and making it through surgery.  Tiffany and Mike are her parents are incredible, loving owners.
My Cranberry is almost 12, and has bulgy eyes, but she's never had an eye injury until yesterday.   She has a deep puncture wound to her eye and had drops every 2 hours last night, all night long.   She will be seen today.   She is also handicapped because of degenerative disease, no bowel or bladder control, and gets around by sliding.   Her front paws are not right, and I always thought that would be the first problem she had (the paws turn outward, almost at 90 degree angles).    Now to have an eye injury is too much, poor girl.    She's resting though and I'll let you know how she does today.    She still loves me and will press her face against mine when I'm holding her.   She's my girl!


Fiona Ross said...

Poor Foxy and poor Cranberry! Paddy's paw turned out at an angle too, more as he got older - part of his arthritis. I hope Cranberry does well at the vet today and that Foxy's surgery goes perfectly too.

Anonymous said...

I'm kissing little Cranberry and Foxy both.

Mary St. Mary said...

Love & prayers to both of them. Tell Cranberry I can't wait to meet her!! (and I bring good treats with me...)

Paladin2010 said...

Poor babies, we will light a candle for both of them tonight.

Unknown said...

Sending love to both girls... I am so sad. Is Cranberry the Peke who you referred to as the "Welcome Wagon" -- she is the very kind Peke who welcomes the newcomers to your home? I send much love to both Pekes and send them good wishes to feel better. Love, Anna and NY Peke Gang

lady jicky said...

Linda - we are saying a prayer for Miss Cranberry and Foxy !!!

Love from the gang in Australia (Oz)---- :) XXX )

Tracey said...

Linda, I am praying for Foxy and Cranberry. I'm so sorry for Cranberry's eye injury. I know you love her so much and hate to see her suffering. Praying for her to be healed!