Monday, April 1, 2013


 Sir Jenkins came back to rescue after a week in his adopted home.    Sometimes, it just isn't the right fit, so he came back.  
 He met Piper--- who has become one of his best buds!   They love to run and play.    (I have to keep Abner separate-- he loves to play, but his eye needs to heal after his surgery.)
 Sir Jenkins checked out the ball on the walk.  
 He is under 11 pounds, about 3 years old, very sweet.    He is wearing a belly band inside until he can have some house manners--  today he is wearing a patriotic belly band and it looks quite spiffy on him!
 Want to go run in the yard?  
His hair was shaved down after coming out of the puppy mill, but it's beginning to grow back.   His tail had to be shaved also, but no problem.    It will come back and I'm sure it will be stunning!    Here are two videos.   He is a wonderful little boy.    Click here: SirJenkinsMarch - YouTube
Click here: SirJenkinsMarch30 - YouTube


lady jicky said...

Oh Sir Jenkins .... never mind I know you will find the right home!

Tracey said...

He is such a cutie! I hope he finds a good home!!