Sunday, April 14, 2013


 Frankie lives in Richmond.  He is 11 years old.   Is that a pink bed I see?
 Frankie is a very loved boy.
 He dresses up for holidays.  
 I think he was just groomed here!   I see that "summer cut" and a bandana.
 I met his mom Angela when she fostered Buttons for me.   I got Buttons out of a  shelter when it was almost 100 degrees and she was outside.   Too hot for a Peke for sure!     Buttons never left Angela's house. :-)
 Basel is Frankie's buddy-- I think they are tolerating having their picture taken.
 I love this one!    Are you ready for a bath?
Frankie gets a good-night kiss from his mom-- or maybe that's a morning kiss.    I'm sure he gets a lot of those!!  


lady jicky said...

I too see a pink bed and I think she is wearing a hat in that bath!

Unknown said...

Thank you Linda, for posting Frankie on here! It is great! And Buttons #2 is still with me and always will be!!! I showed Frankie and Basel this tribute, they loved it! :) I have Basel nose prints on my computer screen because he's the "nosy" one. Frankie sat back and just "watched" as he always does! lol Thanks again! This was so special! ang