Tuesday, April 9, 2013


 Frank/Yanni came into rescue in January.   He was at a shelter in the western part of the state.  
 He went to Roger and Lucinda's and loved being there!
 He had such a bounce in his step!  
 After playing, he could relax with a toy and then.....
 Run with Dollar and others in the yard.   So much fun!
 "Would you share you toy with me?"
 "No?  Okay, I'll get my own."
 "Look out, I might just pounce on you!"
 Oh, look Desi and Alastor are here to play.   I'm not sure how fast Alastor can go though.
" Maybe I'll play with Dollar again.   He loves to run!"
Don't look to adopt me-- I already have a new home and I love it.     I'm so glad PVPC rescued me!

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lady jicky said...

You can see how happy he is !