Friday, November 1, 2013


You saw Desi the other day in her Spider Queen outfit.   She was stunning!
 She is not limited to one outfit though!   She has this wonderful witch outfit, complete with hat!
 Desi couldn't decide which picture to send me, so she sent them all!  
 Being a black Peke, it's hard to get a good picture.   But, I've never seen a bad picture of her!
 The boys' photo shoot had a cobra in it.  Desi thought they just didn't know how to handle it, so...
 She wanted to show them how to do it.    "Post like this!"
This is how a real model does it-- Desi, I think you are just hamming it up!  And we love it!   You are a true diva girl!!


lady jicky said...

Of course I can home some I can see Desi is Divine!!!

I have had stroke but I am home and although I have speak and languee - see I have to have speak therapy but I will improve . I know what to say but......

Thankyou for all your prayers !!
Moi Moi and Coco just ran at me .So nice to be home with my hubby and the "girls"

Toni Davis said...

Desi is just beautiful! And Lady Jicky, we are so glad you are back home. I know you will overcome all the side effects from the stroke and be stronger than ever. Prayers are coming your way for great speech therapy! We missed you!