Saturday, November 30, 2013


 Piper had a birthday!
 Look at his cake!  Wow!!   I wonder what it's made of.
 His mom showed him his cake and I see a present there, too.
 "I wonder what is in there?"
 His mom is reading his card to him.
 Piper gets a close up-- it must be a very special card!
 Did you get a new toy?     I hope you had a wonderful day!!  
Now it's time to get ready for Christmas!!!  YAHOO!!


lady jicky said...

Happy Birthday Piper!

Toni Davis said...

Happy Birthday Piper! He has the prettiest eyes! He looked a little overwhelmed! Where did you get such a great looking cake and what was it made of? Share please!

REnsign said...

Lily had the cake made at a local bakery. It is a "human" cake but the pups got a bite!

Unknown said...

The cake is a real birthday cake designed by a great bakery here in Dayton Ohio. Piper and his sister Abbi did not like the buttercream frosting but they loved the cake. That's ok because I love the frosting. Only a couple of bites, though. They love pizza so we also had pizza for his birthday. Our little boy had never had a party but he got into it very quickly and soon realized it was his special day. Took advantage of mom and dad the rest of the day.
Pipers mom