Saturday, November 16, 2013


 Pikachu is the one year old we got out of a shelter a few weeks ago.    He was terrified there, but loves being in a home with other dogs to play with.    
 His foster mom said he is a real people dog and a joy to have around!
 He is being fostered with Champagne Bubbles, a former foster who was adopted by her foster mom.    She sure is relaxed here!
 Here's Bubbles with Pikachu-- we see you!!
He loves being beside you, following you around, getting tummy rubs and doing a happy dance!     He has Festus, another adopted PVPC Peke, to play with and Pikachu has brought out the puppy in Festus with all the running and playing they do.    They chase and run and play play play!!!    Pikachu is great with cats, and just sniffs at them.    If you are interested in adopting this wonderful boy, just let us know!


lady jicky said...

Little sweet Pikachu will be a wonderful pet --- I hope that boy has found a wonderful and loving home by the time I read MUST LOVE PEKES tomorrow LInda !!!

Toni Davis said...

He sure is a handsome little boy:) So glad he was saved and I am sure he will find his forever home quickly! Until then little one, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!