Friday, November 8, 2013


 What would you do if you saw a Pekingese walking down a busy road?   That's what Leigh had to ask herself when she saw an older Peke wandering on his own-- no owner, no one  around.    
 She was on the way to an appointment, but made a u-turn and called to the Peke.  She said the magic word-- COOKIE and he came right over.     She didn't know what to do, but wanted to make sure he was fine, so she took him to her vet.   They found a microchip but it wasn't registered to an owner in her area.    She found out this boy was older (maybe 13) and he had been cared for.   His teeth were pretty white, so he must have had a recent dental.     Leigh then took him home and went to put up a note on her community board.
As she was walking back to her car, a lady ran up to her asking if she found a Pekingese-- her had pushed a door open and had gotten out.   She was SO glad Leigh had stopped to save her boy.    (He was a rescue from another group.)     Kudos today for Leigh!!  She's our Peke hero!

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lady jicky said...

Leigh is a Peke Hero indeed!!!