Friday, November 15, 2013


 Lucy came to us via a shelter after living outside on a chain for five years.   All her life!      What is wrong with people?
 She is being fostered at Jeanne's and has doggy friend-- Carter and Jill Lee are here with her.
 Lucy and Gus are good friends, too.  They look pretty chill here. haha   Gus is giving us his regal look.
 Carter is a good big Peke brother.  
 Sassy and Didi are hogging the bed here!   Lucy is wondering if she can fit in.
 Lucy has had seizures and Jeanne and her vet are working on the right dose so that she can be stable.    I have two dogs of my own with seizure disorder and they are doing great on the meds they are on.    It is a very manageable condition.
 Lucy has a "godmother" in England named Linda (of course, I can remember her name!).  
 She loves this little one and has sent her presents.   Here she is with the latest!   Lucy loves it.  
If you would be interested in adopting Lucy, she certainly deserves a loving home to make up for her years of neglect.     She is a wonderful little girl!

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lady jicky said...

I would just love to have her Linda but I am not near you at all !

So - I am doing my "happy adoption dance" for dear little Lucy!

This little one needs a very special and loving home!!!!