Tuesday, November 5, 2013


 Pikachu-- also known as Waggles because he wags his tail so much-- came to us from a shelter in Maryland after his owner turned him in.    He was at Lisa's for a few weeks until we could find a foster for him.  
 He was timid at first, and would curl up under the bed-- a safety spot.   Of course, some Pekes just like to get under beds-- and tables, and other things.
 Pikachu loves to be held, and snuggling up makes him go right to sleep.  He's timid at first, but then calms right down.    His new owner (when he is adopted) will have to be patient and let him have a time to adjust.
 I love his face-- don't you want to kiss him.    I love Peke faces!
 He took a ride the other day to go to his new foster home.  Lisa was helping temporarily, but she sure fell in love with this boy.
 "Where are we going?"
 Letting go of a foster dog, no matter how short a time you've had one, is very hard.    
 He met his new foster mom, Sherry.    She has a quiet home and a special touch for these little ones.
 She is so patient and I know Pikachu will adjust quickly.
 He met Festus, Sherry's dog.
 And then he met Bubbles.   Bubbles is blind, but sees with her heart and hearing.
Then, they all got together.    They are your new buddies, Pikachu.    Enjoy them!

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lady jicky said...

My Coco is like Pikachu = very timid!

My Coco is trying to come out of her shell but .... we have had her for - or 2 years and I do not think she will be confirence but she is loved and she is happy all the same .
Maybe Pikachu will be condient or maybe timid but she will still make a lovely pet and I would have her in a a minute!!!